Frequently Asked Questions

… or could you explain that?

Do I have to use you for hosting in order to get support?
Not at all. We are glad to provide Third-Party Support. In fact, it is one of our primary offerings.
Would you explain the "Third Party Support" thing a bit more?
Our Third Party Support is designed to function as a compliment or a replacement to your current hosting provider’s support program. Some of our clients prefer to use us, exclusively, as an intermediary, filling in the gaps left by the hosting support.
Why would I pay you for support when I get free support from my Web hosting provider?
That is a fair question that you have to answer for yourself. If your host is providing quality support in a timely manner at a fair price, then it certainly does not make sense to pay someone else for support.

Perhaps one of the following scenarios might apply:

1. Your host provides a limited amount of free support, and you have reached that limit.
2. Your host charges $100+ per hour for support.
3. The quality of support your receive from your host is insufficient.
4. You want a dedicated support team to be there for you at any time.
5. You are planning on leaving your Web hosting provider, and you want to maintain continuous support during the transition.

Isn't Third-Party Support a strange concept?
Chances are, you’ve had an oil change performed by a company other than the dealer at which you purchased the car. In fact, if you’ve ever had to pay for service on a computer, a home appliance, or a lawn mower, there is a pretty good chance that you paid someone else to do the work.

The computer software and hardware used by your Web hosting provider (and nearly every other company on the planet) is generally serviced by a local IT person or company. That means they are paying a third-party for support.

So, as you can see, third-party support is not a strange concept, at all. In fact, it is extremely common.

What hours are you available for support?

Nearly all of them! We jokingly say that we are available every day, except Leap Year Day. Truthfully, we nearly always have team members available.