… or SiteSwappers does what?

It’s inevitable. You get busy. You have no choice but to focus on other aspects of your business, so keeping your website up-to-date gets placed on the back-burner. What happens when there are security updates that you don’t know about? You get hacked! Your site gets infected with malware, or worse, the hackers take over your site, lock you out, and replace it with objectionable content.

Your business is about business.

You should be meeting with clients, hammering out contract details, and otherwise, running your business. So, what about the maintenance of your site?

SiteSwappers LogoOur name doesn’t say it all (How often do you hear that?).

Yes, it is true that SiteSwappers migrates sites from one host to another, but that is just the beginning. We are focused on the maintenance and security of your website.

We can manage the WordPress core updates, theme updates, and plugin updates that are central to keeping the bad guys (and gals) from turning your site into their personal playground.

There are occasions when an update goes haywire. We deal with those, too!

Is that it?

Goodness, no! Where do we start?

Third-Party Support – Wait. What? Is that even a thing? Do you mean to tell me that SiteSwappers provides support for my site even if it is hosted with another company?

Oh, yeah! Nice extrapolation, by the way.

Most website hosting companies provide technical support for their clients, but sometimes it is not enough. What they may perceive as a minor issue could, in reality, be a major issue for you and your business. In other cases, your hosting company’s support department is so busy that they just don’t have time to help. We provide third-party support, and because we work for you, we will make sure that you are heard!

Support methods – Email, Chat, and Phone. If you don’t want to email or chat with us, pick up the phone. We will actually talk to you over the phone, discuss your website issues, provide advice and options, and tell you what is going on. If you speak geek, we will happily carry on that conversation. If not, we will translate geek into English so that you can know what is happening.

Secure Offsite Backups – What the heck is a backup, and why do I need one? What’s the deal with the “secure” and “offsite” descriptors? Aren’t those just buzzwords?

People make mistakes. Servers crash. Whatever the case, when your site is messed up (or worse, gone!), a backup is the copy of your website that is used to restore your site. Without a backup, your nightmare becomes a reality; you will have no choice but to start from scratch.

A secure backup means that it is placed behind “locked doors” to keep it out of the reach of nosey punks. The data on your website probably contains “sensitive” information, such as passwords or credit card numbers. If the backup is not stored in a secure location, anyone can get to it with very little effort.

An offsite backup is stored somewhere other than where your site is hosted. Even though is it quite common for a web hosting company to make an occasional backup of your site, many of those hosts will place that backup in a different location on the same server. What happens when that server crashes? Not only is your site gone, but your backup went right along with it. Even if your host does place the backups on a different server, it is very likely on the same network. When something takes down the entire network, you are left with no site and no backup.

Our backups are secure and offsite, which greatly reduces the potential of being left out in the cold. If disaster strikes, we can have your site restored with a minimal amount of downtime.

Uptime Monitoring – Oh, great! Here comes the geek speak.

No, it’s really quite simple! We monitor your site to make sure that it is up and responsive. Even the best hosting companies sometimes have a brief outage or a slow response from a server.

If our monitoring service indicates that your site is unusually slow or not available, we can either, notify you, or jump into action to resolve the situation, even as a third party.

We can also notify you if our monitoring service shows a historic trend of downtime or slow service, which may indicate that something needs to be done by the hosting company.

Other Services – So, there is more?

Lots! Here is a of some of our other offerings:

  • Performance Optimization – changes to make your site load faster
  • Website Edits – uploading images, changing text, reformatting, etc.
  • Child Themes – When applying an update for a WordPress theme, if you are not using a child theme, your custom styling will disappear. Want us to customize a child theme for you?
  • Email Support – diagnosis of ongoing email issues
  • Email Migration – transfer your email service to a new provider
  • Service Monitoring – In addition to standard website monitoring, we offer custom monitoring services. Get notified when your secure site or email server is not responding, or if an API call is returning an error.
  • Site Cloning – set up a “sandbox” for testing site changes prior to applying them to a live site

What We Don’t Do – Ah ha! I knew it! There’s a catch!

Nope. No catch. There are just some things that we won’t do.

Is it illegal or immoral? Not gonna do it. Period. Nuff said.

There are also things that we won’t do, simply because we don’t want to. For example, we probably won’t let you hire us to design a custom WordPress plugin for mass distribution. Why not? Lots of reasons, of which one is that we don’t specialize in that area. If we know of another company that is willing to perform a service, we are quite willing to give you that referral.

If you want to know if we will do a particular job, click the Request Support button and ask us.